About us

Cerro Haute is here to help bridge between your love for fashion and care for the environment.

Imagine this - each day, tons of trash are being thrown into the oceans. Many of which are composed of non-biodegradable materials and toxic chemicals. Plastics are rapidly poisonings the planet, also they are accidentally being eaten by marine species and millions of them have died because of it.


The oceans are in danger!
And yes, there is something you can do about it!


Cerro Haute is a fashion and goods company who believes in the importance of having a healthy ocean. We believe in creating a positive switch in the fashion industry giving a great purpose to what you wear. We want you to feel amazing and proud when you wear Cerro Haute!


With every purchase X amount of trash will be removed from the ocean. 


We rely on the oceans and the oceans need us!

By fulfilling a sale today, not only you will receive quality made items, but be able to help save the environment as well. Your purchase will surely go a long way. 




  1. : Mauricio Garcia Hernandez.  Founder and CEO of CERRO HAUTE

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